Introducing Baby Bennett


There is nothing like those first few weeks of new motherhood. It is an exciting time, so full of love and wonder. It’s also so vulnerable and tender. There is an awakening of a depth of love in those days that makes you question everything you have ever known. It was so special to be able to get to glimpse some of these moments for the Sadoma family. Like we expected, Christy transitioned from expectant mother to full blown mama in such a beautiful way. The way she smiles at Bennett shows the tenderness in spirit.  And the pride from …

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The Sadoma Family


I met Christy last year around Christmastime through a bible study. She welcomed me into her home with her signature smile and I was convinced we’d be good friends like five minutes later. She comes from a big family, so she loves having people around her! It has been so fun getting to know Christy and celebrating the milestones leading up to baby Bennett’s arrival.  Fun fact…during this shoot, Daniel was finishing medical school and taking boards! (Congratulations, Daniel!) It was such an honor to be able to capture this special time for Daniel and Christy. From the details of …

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The Goddard Family


Have you ever met a person who is as beautiful inside as they are outside?  That’s my friend Amy.  She and her two girls Scarlett and Genevieve have matching blonde hair and blue eyes, which just beg to be captured on camera. Last year when David and I were hesitant about joining a family small group at our church, Amy and Brooks opened a space for us in theirs.  Amy’s exact words may have been, “You can totally date our small group.”  It was then I knew we were destined to be good friends. And that’s what Amy does, she’s …

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