Introducing Baby Bennett


There is nothing like those first few weeks of new motherhood. It is an exciting time, so full of love and wonder. It’s also so vulnerable and tender. There is an awakening of a depth of love in those days that makes you question everything you have ever known. It was so special to be able to get to glimpse some of these moments for the Sadoma family.

Like we expected, Christy transitioned from expectant mother to full blown mama in such a beautiful way. The way she smiles at Bennett shows the tenderness in spirit.  And the pride from Daniel just warmed our hearts! The love that we saw growing in their maternity portraits is only continuing to grow. Enjoy! 

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  1. Sara W says:

    What gorgeous photos! You really captured those delicious few weeks!

    1. Rachael Alsbury says:

      Thanks girl! Appreciate you coming over to comment!

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