Back to School Session


When you have nieces as stunning as I do, you use them for models as often as you can!  Last week we did a relaxed back-to-school session in Winters and then went out for bread sticks and girl talk.  FUN FACTS:  all of my nieces’ names begin with A.  Ansley and Abigail are the oldest two and they are eleven months apart.  Ansley is a junior at Vacaville Christian and Abby is a junior (graduating a year early) at Vaca High.

It’s been a joy to watch these two grow and see their different personalities blossom.  Blonde and brunette.  Volleyball and drama club.  Outspoken and reserved.  Yep.  Yin and yang, these two, but their love for each other is real and together they’re a force to be reckoned with. They lead our family well.

My beautiful and sporty thirteen-year-old niece Addison is the cutest little second shooter you ever did see.  She’s in middle school, but she’s practicing with the high school basketball team because she’s a basketball prodigy and I’m going to claim relation to that.  Also she shoots in manual just like a girl boss the way I taught her.

Happy back-to-school beauties!  I can’t wait to see what this year holds for you.

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