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One of my favorite parts about being a lifestyle photographer is the experience of being in someone else’s space, especially when it has been thoughtfully and lovingly arranged.  Being in Molly’s home just kind of topped it all.  Not only was it beautiful to look at,  it was so, so good for my soul!  She pampered us with mimosas, pastries and iced coffee made from her armior-turned-espresso bar in her renovated town home loft.   We chatted and sipped and clicked all morning. THERE WERE SO MANY PRETTY THINGS TO PHOTOGRAPH.

So, we were kind of in heaven.

If I could use three words to describe Molly they would be:  warm, charming and authentic.  Okay.  And vibrant.  And hospitable.  I know. That was five…but just go with it.

She is a Bay Area designer, stylist and home stager whose work has been featured in Williams-Sonoma, the Pendleton Wool catalog, HGTV, Apartment Therapy. (Just to name a few.)  But while we chatted, she brought her resume right down to earth with funny stories about polishing glasses for photo spreads and her nomadic stash of staging decor and furniture.  She is our people.

Living in Germany and staging and flipping homes in Europe has given her a real love for antique European furnishings, which she mixes with modern design for a signature look that we just couldn’t get enough of.  As we were talking, she mentioned her blog The Poor Sophisticate…a blog I have read many times.  (And then I had to say things like “YOU?  You’re the Poor Sophisticate?”)  Gorgeous renovation and design projects, and my favorite, her archive of magical European travel journals.  I soooort of got sidetracked binging on it while I was writing this post…

Molly, you’re a kindred spirit!  Thank you for letting us experience your beautiful space!

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