The Haaland Family


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Have you ever met one of those families that just has that charm, and you immediately think “I want to be part of their tribe!” This family is one of those. They all have great senses of humor, are so loving and kind, and dang it, they’re all so stinking good looking. Also we’ve got a shared love of coffee and good food, which makes them our people. We are lucky enough to call these people friends and we love them dearly.

So real quick let me break down some names so I can queue you in to this family that you wish you were a part of.

Margaret & Matt, are the stars of the show. Proud parents and grandparents, these are two of the kindest and most generous people you will meet. They love each other, and their family fiercely. It was really neat to be able to see the many facets of the family they built together

Shannon and Landon. She was beyond sweet and so gorgeous. Her son, Landon, was goofy and sweet, quick to crack jokes and compliant with our “just one more picture” pleas. Their bond is so special and it was easy to see that in their pictures

Ryan and Freida. They have two little girls Bella and Malia. These girls can work the camera! They were so sweet and wherever one girl went the other was sure to follow.

Hilary and Rich. Their girls Jane and Haven are darling. Everyone was obsessed with Haven, all the cousins wanted to hold her and make her laugh, and she was happy to oblige. Jane is tender, and has a rare form of epilepsy that has left her disabled. But by no means does this limit the love and presence she has in this family. Hilary writes about their story at

I hope you can grasp the love and fun that these people are. Thank you Haaland family for letting us get to know you and take your pictures.
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