Annabelle Lea’s Fresh 48


Introducing my sweet niece, Annabelle Lea!  She was born 2/3/2017 weighing just an ounce shy of ten pounds.  It took me three kids to realize how priceless these fresh newborn images really are, so I wanted to make sure we got her on camera within the first 48 hours.  They start change like crazy after that!

We all agreed little Annabelle is pretty much a clone of her older sister Audrey.  She’s a contented little bundle of bliss with a headful of dark hair!  We weren’t able to fit the whole family in this session because mom giving birth makes everyone tired, ya’ll.   Though most of the crew was home trying to catch up on on sleep, we did get mama, grammy and big sister Abby in on this precious session of newborn wrinkles and baby burritos.

Welcome to the world, Annabelle Lea! You are perfect. Baby burritos forever.

IMG 9472IMG 9475IMG 94762017 02 23 0004IMG 95792017 02 23 0003IMG 9628IMG 9775IMG 96072017 02 23 0001IMG 9614IMG 9653 2IMG 9663IMG 9668IMG 9490IMG 9633IMG 9801IMG 9792IMG 9738IMG 9760

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