Annabelle Lea’s Fresh 48


Introducing my sweet niece, Annabelle Lea!  She was born 2/3/2017 weighing just an ounce shy of ten pounds.  It took me three kids to realize how priceless these fresh newborn images really are, so I wanted to make sure we got her on camera within the first 48 hours.  They start change like crazy after that! We all agreed little Annabelle is pretty much a clone of her older sister Audrey.  She’s a contented little bundle of bliss with a headful of dark hair!  We weren’t able to fit the whole family in this session because mom giving birth makes …

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Little Lady Rae


I am just smitten with this in-home newborn session of the Rucker family and their little lady Rae.  It was so much fun to watch our friend Allie go from newly pregnant to full-on mommy!  And what a beautiful mommy she is. (You can view her in-home maternity session here.) I’d really be lying if I said it didn’t make me think about how I’d be TOTALLY OKAY with birthing another baby girl just so I can decorate another nursery and add 67 more tiny bows to our collection in every hue and texture.  And goodness gracious, Reagan is a …

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The Chappel Family


These sessions will never stop being so special to us. Getting to come into a family’s home, so soon after such a big life event, is nothing short of amazing. When we photographed the Chappel’s just 10 days after Maddex’s entrance into the family was no exception. Big brother Jacoby stole our hearts 30 seconds into the door. While Ashley was feeding the babe and Eric was answering the door, Jacoby snuck into the pantry and found some flour to play in. If you have a 2 year old, you know this is so classic. We couldn’t help but snap …

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Introducing Baby Bennett


There is nothing like those first few weeks of new motherhood. It is an exciting time, so full of love and wonder. It’s also so vulnerable and tender. There is an awakening of a depth of love in those days that makes you question everything you have ever known. It was so special to be able to get to glimpse some of these moments for the Sadoma family. Like we expected, Christy transitioned from expectant mother to full blown mama in such a beautiful way. The way she smiles at Bennett shows the tenderness in spirit.  And the pride from …

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